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To buy a star in the sky as a gift for a loved one is one of the most beautiful and unique things you can do.  Of course it also depends on whom you are giving it to. 

For instance I named a star after my daughter when she turned 6.  When I explained to her that there is now a star named after her she was so excited.  She thought it was the most beautiful gift she has ever gotten.  She started jumping up and down.  She said that now when she wishes upon a star she will be wishing on the star that is named after her.

She told all her friends about it.  I kept hearing her on the phone saying “my mommy name a star after me”.  She even wrote a few stories about the star. It’s one of the gifts that have made her feel very special.

Around the same time, I was doing my search on the Star naming I had mentioned it to my brother in law.  My sister was already 9 months pregnant with their first child, and I thought it would be a good idea to have stars named after the mommy and baby.  In order to celebrate their new life together.  He also thought it was a good idea.

Therefore, after they named the baby in the hospital he went and bought the star.  He received the star documents shortly after wards.  He waited until the birth certificate arrived in the mail which he then surprised his wife with the gift.  She couldn’t stop crying from the happiness.  She said that it was the most thoughtful gift she has ever received.  Seeing her name and her new born baby’s name after a star was just a beautiful feeling that she will always treasure.  Of course the timing was also priceless.

The Internet has made it that much easier to buy a star in the sky.  The companies I have bought the star from where very reasonable and actually gave me more than I expected. 

 How to buy a star Here they have the cheapest prices.   Buy a star nasa

This is where a friend of mine purchased it from.

My brother in law and I purchased it from here.

There documented presentation is a lot nicer.  The price is a bit more expensive but the quality speaks for itself.  If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend naming a start after someone you love. You can also get them gift certificates where they get to choose to name a star after someone.


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